The UltimaX Series provides an innovative solution for today’s challenges in radiographic imaging, merging sophisticated technology and system architecture with a simple, menu-driven program, the design team at MediRay HealthCare has addressed the concepts of technologists and clinics.

X-Ray Generator - 300mA-125 kVp Full Wave Solid State Silicon rectified X-Ray Generator for

                                     Radiography suitable for single Tube  Operation as per IS: 7620 Part-I.

Rating - Radiography - 40 to 125 KVP & 2 kvp steps.

                    Small Focus - 50mA & 100 mA at 125 kVp

                    Large Focus - 200mA & 300mA at 100 kVp

Timer `- Electronic Timer with timing range from 0.01 to 10 Sec. (in 1000 Steps).

Control -  Electronic touch panel with 628 Anatomical programs with Human Body Skeleton display for

                       simpler and easier target as per  your desired X-Ray. Florescent display for large and clear view

                     of KVP, mA, mAs and seconds with 20x4 character LCD.

HV Transformer - Compact Heavy Duty Transformer comprising HV Silicon Rectifiers, HT Transformer,

                                   Filament Transformer and  Federal Bushings all immersed in oil.

Phase Reducing - 30 kW, 3 Phases to Single Phase Transformer.

Power Supply - 440 V, 50/60 HZ 3 Phase to single phase transformer.

Tube Unit - Rotating Anode Tube Unit with Dual Focus X-Ray Tube insert.



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